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Welcome to Healing Touch Physiotherapy

Childrens and Adult Neurological Physiotherapy

Who we are

Healing Touch Physiotherapy is a specialised paediatric physiotherapy service offering assessment, management and treatment of babies, children and young adults from birth to the age of 20 years. We offer expert witness and clinical evidence corroborating case related facts using our clinical experience and expertise. We prepare reports and evidence for the process of proceedings.

Paediatric physiotherapists are highly skilled specialists with an in-depth understanding of child development, childhood disabilities, injuries and strategies for their management. When choosing a paediatric physiotherapist it is important you make sure that your physiotherapist has specialist knowledge, experience and relevant training to treat paediatric conditions and childhood disabilities.

Therapy for children is completely different to that for adults. Children in their developing stage grow constantly and there are significant changes in their musculoskeletal system throughout their growth spurt.

Treatment for these growing bodies therefore require specialist knowledge and experience. We at Healing Touch Physiotherapy are trained and skilled at working with children with complex needs in a very friendly environment, keeping them motivated and making the sessions’ fun. Our sessions are interesting and something children look forward to.

Therapeutic treatment is aimed for a child to reach his/her potential by helping attain developmental milestones, develop confidence , attain gross motor challenging skills, influence muscle tone, posture, balance and help with sensory processing difficulties. Our clients range from children and young adults with a wide range of functional levels GMFCS 1- 5.

Our Treatment Approach

Treatment to work on balance, coordination, postural awareness and typical movement patterns.

Work on functional activities helping our clients integrate well at school, college and in the community.

Work closely with schools and educational institutions to formulate goals centred advice and intervention.

Treatment strategies to help clients get confident to be able to engage in daily activities like writing, eating, brushing, dressing, driving etc.

Vocational rehabilitation, helping our clients get back to daily living activities with the use of gym, swimming, sports and other recreational activities.

Strategically help and advice our clients on plan, structure, routine and train carers/ family on routine activities.