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Expert Witness

We are a specialist service offering expert witness and clinical evidence
corroborating case related facts using our clinical experience and expertise. We can prepare reports and evidence for the process of proceedings. Kay Ganguly, Specialist Physiotherapist is trained by Cardiff University Law School and has been awarded Bond Solon Civil Expert Certificate. Kay is involved in assessment and reporting on children with complex neurological condition like, brain injury, spinal cord injury, poly trauma, birth injuries like birth asphyxia, brachial plexus injury and complex orthopaedic conditions. Kay is instructed by claimant, defendants and as a single joint expert.

Medico-Legal Reports
Medico legal reports are legal documents that report evidence of impact of injuries and its lifelong implications for the client. The assessment involves detailed physical examination with client’s full medical history followed by a clinical judgement for therapy, care and resources needed for the client at present and in future. Kay Ganguly specialises in assessing present and future needs of the client by reporting independent and objective opinion. Our evidence and reports are as per civil procedure rules and part 35 of practice direction for experts.

We are instructed by the claimant, defendant or single joint expert in following cases:
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Birth Injuries
  • Catastrophic Road Traffic Accidents
  • Acquired Brain Injury
  • Other Paediatric and Neurological conditions
All our evidence and reports are as per civil procedure rules and part 35

of practice direction for experts.

We will assess the case in detail, review relevant documentation and provide independent, objective and unbiased opinion within the scope of
our expertise. We give attention to detail and all our reports are in depth considering the evidence available.

Our reports are detailed, precise and relevant. We offer a prompt service and our reports are produced well within agreed time scales or as stipulated by court orders.

We are Bond Solon trained under Cardiff University Law School and accredited with Civil Expert Certificate.

To instruct us, contact Kay Ganguly, Clinical Director, Consultant
Physiotherapist & Expert Witness

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“Kay has been a treating physiotherapist on various paediatric brain injury cases and, as part of this, has been an integral part of the MDT. Kay works closely with the injured child, their family and the wider team to deliver hands on therapy leading to tangible and beneficial goals and outcomes.”

Carolyn Heaton
Partner, Serious Injuries Team
Irwin Mitchell Leeds