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Childrens Physiotherapy in Leeds

Healing Touch Physiotherapy is a specialist paediatric and adult neurological physiotherapy and vestibular rehabilitation service offering assessment, management and treatment of children, teenagers and adults who present with physical problems as a result of a neurological condition. Our children’s neurological physiotherapists in Leeds can treat a wide range of clients ranging from acquired brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, nerve injuries, multiple trauma, stroke and adult presentation of cerebral palsy.

Paediatric Service

Therapy for children is completely different to that for adults. Children, in their developing stage, grow constantly and there are significant changes in their musculoskeletal system throughout their growth spurt. Therefore treatment for these growing bodies requires specialist knowledge and experience. At Healing Touch Physiotherapy, our paediatric specialists are trained and skilled at working with children with complex needs in a very friendly environment, keeping them motivated and making the sessions’ fun. We ensure our neuro physiotherapy sessions are interesting and something children look forward to. Our clients include children and young adults with varied functional levels GMFCS 1- 5.

Neurological Physiotherapy Service for Teenagers and Young Adults

We believe that ongoing rehabilitation is essential through the transitional phase as a child grows to an adult. Our evidence-based, hands-on treatment and management plan for individuals with special needs are designed to offer continuity, promote progress and help young adults to be as independent and successful as they aspire to be within the confines of their disability. We offer tailored training and support to care staff, advise to college and educational staff on manual handling, positioning, usage of equipment, tailored training for the staff for a home-based programme, advice on care plans, assess and devise a treatment for hydrotherapy and rebound therapy. No matter the scale of your child’s needs, our neurological physiotherapy in Leeds is sure to provide you with the bespoke solution you require.

Neuro Vestibular Rehabilitation

Vestibular rehabilitation is an exercise-based therapy programme that is designed to reduce the symptoms of disequilibrium by promoting central nervous system compensation in associated vestibular pathology. Vestibular rehabilitation is an alternative treatment involving specific exercises that can eliminate or significantly reduce symptoms by promoting central nervous system compensation for inner ear deficits. The training allows the brain to regain balance, control and minimise dizziness.

This is a specialist area of rehabilitation that requires specialist knowledge, training and expertise. When choosing your rehabilitation specialist, it is important you make sure that your physiotherapist has specialist knowledge, understanding and relevant training to treat neurological and vestibular conditions.

Healing Touch Physiotherapy has a specialist service offering vestibular assessment and rehabilitation. Our paediatric specialists will complete an assessment, set out specific goals that are realistic and achievable and formulate a rehabilitation plan that would help you achieve your goals. Our goal is to restore your movement, train and help you with normal movement patterns, develop your confidence, help you achieve and promote independence.

Expert Witness

We are a specialist physiotherapy clinic in Leeds offering expert witness and clinical evidence corroborating case related facts using our clinical experience and expertise. We can prepare reports and evidence for the process of court proceedings. Kay Ganguly, Specialist Physiotherapist is trained by Cardiff University Law School and has been awarded Bond Solon Civil Expert Certificate. Kay is involved in assessment and reporting on children with complex neurological conditions like brain injury, spinal cord injury, poly trauma, birth injuries like birth asphyxia, brachial plexus injury and complex orthopaedic conditions. Kay is instructed by claimants, defendants and as a single joint expert.

Conditions and Treatment

Healing Touch Physiotherapy is an integrated neurological physiotherapy service offering treatment and advice to meet the needs of individuals with physical and sensory processing difficulties. We specialise in treating neurological conditions in children and young adults with acquired injuries, genetic conditions and birth injuries. These include conditions involving both central and peripheral nervous systems. Some commonly treated conditions are.

Neurological Conditions

Acquired brain injury
Birth injuries
Cerebral Palsy
Childhood disabilities
Spinal cord injury
Developmental coordination disorders Long term strokes
Multiple Sclerosis
Neuromuscular disorder
Pre and post SDR (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy) rehabilitation.
Parkinson’s Disease
Peripheral neuropathies
Recent strokes less than 6 months
Rehabilitation post brain and spinal cord tumor surgeries.
Genetic disorders
Vestibular disorders- dizziness, headache and balance problems
Other long term neurological conditions

Orthopaedic Conditions

Post traumatic fracture and dislocation.
Musculoskeletal conditions in children and young adults.

Physiotherapeutic Rehabilitation is based on the following Assessment and Procedures

Hands on therapy
Joint and soft tissue mobilisation.
Bobath therapy
Neurodevelopmental therapy and sensory integration
Vestibular habituation, balance training and neuro rehabilitation
Movement analysis and gait training
Postural analysis and functional training
Biomechanical assessment and advice on specialist orthotic intervention
Facilitation of normal movement pattern with the use of assistive devices and equipment

We can arrange a detailed initial assessment, discuss your needs, advice on specialist equipment you may need and formulate specific therapy programme to help you achieve your goals. If you like to discuss anything in detail, we are here to help you.